Direct Support to ICT Innovators

The Ministry of ICT and National Guidance has allocated funds for Support to ICT Innovators for the National ICT Initiatives Support Programme (NIISP). The overall goal of NIISP is to create a sustainable ecosystem for ICT Innovations and to support ICT Innovators and Application Developers.

Priority Sectors for this call include the following:

  1. Education
    • Education Management Information Systems: A system that can collect, analyse and report on Education Management in Government Schools. The system should be able to collect data on student numbers, teachers, subjects, etc. The system shall be hosted at the Ministry of Education but should be accessible in all Districts. The system should be scalable and sustainable.
    • Business Process Tracking: A system that allows for automation of business processes in the education sector. Registration, Admissions, research and acquisition, staff development and training, financial aid and grants are some of the key components the system should capture.
    • Human Resource Management: A system that can collect, analyse and report on the human resource in schools. Performance evaluation, employment scheduling, time tracking and attendance management, recruiting management, learning management, recruiting and applicant tracking are some of the desired features the system should possess.
  2. Health
    1. Hospital Management: A modular system that can be able to collect, analyse and report on all aspects of hospital management such us medical, financial and Administrative. Improved visibility and transparency, streamlined accurate reporting, improved customer services, improved quality control as well as improved management visibility are key advantages the system should address.
    2. Essential commodities and Medical Equipment Management: A system to improve accountability and optimize reordering of medical supplies tracked by quantity, batches and/or lots.
  3. Agriculture
    • Live Stock Management: A software to record and track livestock from birth to sale and everything in between.
    • Monitoring Operations Wealth Creation: A system to collect, record, track and report on all activities under operation wealth creation in the different districts.
    • Weather Management: A system to collect, store and manage current weather information, to provide access to historical data and to forecast weather conditions.
  4. Public Sector Management
    • Human Capital Management for Public Service: A one stop solution to cater for Application Management, Employee Management, Organizational Management, Benefits Management. Payroll Management, Workplace Management, Compensation Management, Performance Management among others.
    • Border Control and Management: An innovative integrated border control system that supports data analytics, identity verification, monitoring and surveillance and non-invasive inspection.
    • Public Asset Management: A system that can effectively and efficiently track and tangible and intangible assets within the public sector.
  5. Other 


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