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Support to ICT Innovation

How It Works

Support for innovation comes in a variety of forms


Direct Funding

Access to milestone-based funding to facilitate development of the innovation. 72 innovations to-date have benefitted from this support


Coaching & Mentorship

Attachment to local partnering hubs to acquire skills to develop and take your innovation to market. The Government, through the Ministry, has also constructed an ICT Innovation hub to provide workspace for innovators

Thinking of Applying?

Read these guidelines before submitting your application

This grant is available for individuals with valid Ugandan identity. Women and youth are encouraged to apply.

Are you a group of individuals with a common interest? You can submit your innovation as a single entity provided one of the key group members is a Ugandan.

A company can apply for a support provided it is fully registered and operates under the Ugandan laws and regulations

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* Call Closes on 15th May

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Government of Uganda designed the National ICT Initiatives Support Programme (NIISP) to facilitate the creation of an ICT Innovation ecosystem and marketplace for Ugandan innovative digital products. The growth of the ICT innovation ecosystem in Uganda has mainly been private sector led with minimal direct support from government.

The program provides support through 3 main forms - direct monetary support, mentorship and coaching and support to deploy applications within Government ministries, agencies and departments

A call for applications is published once every financial year. Applications are only received during this time of the year and not any other

The application process is entirely online. An online portal is usually opened for the duration of the application window. During this time, you will be required to register on this portal, submit your application name, and respond to a series of questions which will constitute your application. After submission check your email for a confirmation message. We will contact you at all stages of change of status of your application

Unfortunately no. The programme was designed specifically to support Ugandan innovators because of the already vast challenges they face. However if your team has a Ugandan who is key to the implementation of your innovation, you can apply as a group.

You can submit as many innovations as you would like. However, do not submit duplicate applications as only one will be considered

The Ministry of ICT instituted an external selection committee that was charged with the responsibility of evaluating proposals. Once evaluation has been completed, winners are awarded and funds/support is disbursed.

The Ministry will constantly send regular updates whenever you pass a particular stage of the evaluation process. We cannot declare the duration of evaluation of each stage because it is dependent on the volume of applications received during each call